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Saturday, January 28, 2006

My call back

I had a enterview with this company a week ago and thier just now calling me back. I was so stressed out because I didn't think they were going to call me back. I'm a music major and I got this audition and I didn't think they liked the song that I performed. But I guess they did. So I hope something good happens to me in this situation.

My awful weekend

This was the worst weekend that I have ever had. When I did my hair I was so depressed, it had came out so badly and it was about three inches shorter than it usually is. To add insult to injury I couldn't attend my friends birthday party because I had to work and I really would have liked to go out and have some fun. But atleast im still living. That's a blessing in itself. And one more thing I can't go out Sunday because I have to work and I don't get off until ten o'clock.

My awful weekend

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Best place to have lunch

Anyone who visits Detroit has to come to this new place in the heart of Downtown called Small Plates. I recently visited this place with one of my favorite cousins and it had the best food I had ever tasted. It particularly had a dish which I enjoyed very much. It was seasame seed chicken with shrimp fried rice on the side. The thing that made this dish so delicious was that it didnt taste like regular chinese food. It was real chicken marinated in a sauce that blew my mind. The sauce had a sweet bar-b- que taste to it and it made me want to order some more. But i didnt because i didnt want to appear to be greedy. And the rice added to the flavor of the chicken. It tasted well buttered with light seasoning with shrimp to top it off. This dish gets an "A" in my book.

Best Breakfast you' ve ever taste

Today I went to the Detroit Breakfast House located at the heart of Downtown Detroit and I would have to say that I have never tasted anything better. I had chicken and woffles. It was'nt what i expected. Just the thought of eating chicken and waffles together made my stomache kringe. But as i took my first bite all the flavors rushing into my tasting glands all at once overwhelmed me. This was the best breakfast dish that i have ever tasted. Crisp fried chicken with large Bangledish waffles with hot maple surp was the best thing i could have ever tasted. Everyone who lives in Detroit or visits this place should stop for a bite of this dish.

Best Breakfast you' ve ever taste

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Advertisement : Message, Medium, and Mode

The ad that i chose what an advertisement of a mother and a baby promoting Johnson and Johnson baby soft oil and gel. What the message was saying to me was if you used these products they would soften your skin so well it would be as if you had baby skin which is the softest skin you can possibly have. The advertisement goes about delivering it's method by visual and written text and also by displaying a picture of a mother and baby to represent it's message it is trying to convey. I believe the message is delivered this way to show viewers or to further persuade potential customers to buy the product.

Friday, January 13, 2006

high this is my first post