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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Hate Radio Response

The selection that I read by Patricia Williams I found to be very interesting. I really agree with her when she said that media is a way for others to find out different things about other cultures. The selection was also very informative. I didn't know the statistics regarding African Americans and the unemployment rate. I also didn't know that 52% of people think that African Americans and Lations are less intelligent than whites. I believe that it is very disturbing to know that such radio personalities such as Howard Stern would make such racial comments about African Americans as he did. Its very disappointing to know that an individual has no respect for themselves nor others. Hopefully one day factors such as race or color with not be a roadblock to the success not only to a people but a nation. In order to move forward everyone from all walks of life need to be accepted.


  • At 7:02 PM, Blogger beandoggy said…

    I agree 100% with the last sentence of your post. I only have one suggestion for not believe in statistics. They are, more often than not, completely false.


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