Simply what I feel

Sunday, April 16, 2006

My Favorite Songs

Five of my most favorite songs are "If I ain't got you" by Alicia Keys. Second "It's a beautiful day by U2. "Bomb in Gillead" by Karen Clark Sheard. Fourth, "Don't give up by Yolanda Adams. Lastly, I love you Jesus by Commonground Church Choir. I admire the song " If i ain't got you by Alicia Keys becasue first she is one of my favorite singers and this song to me symbolizes true love. I love the song by U2 because it represents how we should never take life for granted. The song by Karen Clark Sheard is especially one of my favorite songs because it tells about the goodness of the Lord, his wonderful works and his awesome power. The song by Yolanda Adams represents the determination of the human spirit to never give up and always keep hope and the song by Commonground reminds me of my love and appreciation for the Lord.

Coming to an End

Finally school is coming to an end and boy am I glad. I have never been so glad to see something come to an end in my life. Between school and working my life has been so hectic this whole semester, but thank God I made it through. Now that school is coming to an end I can have more time to do things that I enjoy. Did I mention crunch time is hear and all the final projects are due at one time. But I'm shure that I can get through it. So until then, chow!

Happy Easter

Happy Easter, and happy birthday to me. Well I can't say that I was all that happy but at least I lived to see another day. Today for my birthday and Easter I tried really hard to go to church but I didn't make it. So I just slept in and got some things done at my house then I went out to eat at this restaurant in Mexican Town. So hopefully I will have many more birthdays and Easters to come. God Bless

Sunday, April 09, 2006

My Earth Day is Here

The time of year has come around for me to celebrate another year that I have lived to see, my birthday. To tell you the truth I didn't think that I would make it but I did. On April 16, 2006 which is Easter, I will be turning 19 years old. Boy that sounds old, but not really. This year I'm just taking it easy and looking for new beginnings to transpire. I'm so tired of worrying my life away that it's not funny. For my birthday I will probably spend most of the day with my family and the later part of my day with my friends and my boyfriend. Im not doing anything to adventurous just enjoying the day.

The End is Near

Finally the second semester is almost over and boy am I glad. Not only am I going to school full time but I also have two part- time jobs that are very demanding. But thanks be to God he makes a way for me to juggle both school and work together perfectly. I am also glad that school is coming to an end because I think I'm at my breaking point and I don't know how much more I could take juggling both at the same time. But for now everything is going smoothly and I'm learning to take life as it comes and deal with it from there.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

No looking Back

As mentioned previously I just broke up with my boyfriend yesterday and I think that I'm going to let it stick this time. I'm so tired of going back and forth that it's rediculous. I just want to be comfortable in my own skin right now and think of myself as an individual rather than we right now. I need to know completely who I am as an individual then maybe I can hook up with someonelse. For right now I think this would be the best route for me to take right now. Becasue if you can't make your ownself happy than how can you do the same for someonelse.

Time to get it Together

Well the second semester of school is almost over and I have to say I couldn't be any happier to say so. I have been waiting for this moment since the first semester of school started. When school is over I plan on taking a job that offers not only benefits but full time hours which allows me to pay not only my bills but in addition some of my mothers which I would love to do. When I starat working this job full time it will allow me to do alot of things that I couldn't do with my present job. Hopefully when I gain this new job I can internally get myself together mentally and physically. I have been so off course that its not funny. I just broke up with my boyfriend yesterday and I think this time I'm going to let it stick until I feel like I'm ready to do otherwise. I want to be more active in my church serving the Lord more and I also want to pursue my singing career as much as possiblel. As soon as I get these things together I will be well off I'm sure.