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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Time to get it Together

Well the second semester of school is almost over and I have to say I couldn't be any happier to say so. I have been waiting for this moment since the first semester of school started. When school is over I plan on taking a job that offers not only benefits but full time hours which allows me to pay not only my bills but in addition some of my mothers which I would love to do. When I starat working this job full time it will allow me to do alot of things that I couldn't do with my present job. Hopefully when I gain this new job I can internally get myself together mentally and physically. I have been so off course that its not funny. I just broke up with my boyfriend yesterday and I think this time I'm going to let it stick until I feel like I'm ready to do otherwise. I want to be more active in my church serving the Lord more and I also want to pursue my singing career as much as possiblel. As soon as I get these things together I will be well off I'm sure.


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